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“Bringing Mental Health, Addictions and Social Issues to Light” through the entertainment value of film.
Awareness… Education… Discussion… Entertainment

What We Are

We are a film festival that showcases films and other art forms for two purposes: to entertain and to educate. By attracting audiences through the entertainment value of film, we use select films and events to increase awareness and education on mental health and addiction issues, as well as other prevalent social topics as decided each year.

How We Educate

Firstly, we attract a very large and diverse audience to our festival with our entertaining film selection and events such as gala receptions, video competitions and art displays. At the festival, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about mental health, addictions or other social issues through various supporting ‘social’ events.

The supporting social events provide the bulk of the festival’s educational value. Panel discussions either stand alone or are attached to some of our films. Discussions are held with the audience after some of the films. These discussions are often led by a panel of professionals who have some expertise with the topic of the film at hand and they are available to answer questions, share insight and encourage discussions about the film that had just been viewed. At least one workshop is held separate from the films to educate the public, local service providers, or students and families about a specific mental health, addiction or social issue.

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit organization that is organized and managed by a collaboration of local partners. All partners contribute by co-hosting events, participating on planning committees, donating employee time and administrative support, and a huge personal contribution is also being made by a significant number of individuals who contribute their personal time to the festival and its events.

Jimmie Chiverelli (President)
Bill MacPherson
(Co-Director/ Programmer)
Gary Huntley (Co-Director/Treasurer)
Terry Beale (Secretary)
Wendy Hamilton (Past President)
Aidan Mowat
Lisa Carricato
Paul Hurtubise
Mike O’Shea
Judi Gough
Barb Reid

Web Design & Development Team


If you are interested in joining one of our planning committees please contact us for more detailed information.